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TRIBUNE: Monkey Spit seasonings will make spice lovers go ape

The Monkey Spit team and its world-famous sauces and seasonings were featured in The Tribune recently. Here’s a look at the article if you missed it:

Originally, Paul Smith had a musical career in mind, but he’s singing a different tune thanks to the success of Monkey Spit sauces and seasonings.

“I was going to be the next great singer/songwriter,” so Smith moved to Los Angeles from the Tepusquet area of Santa Maria where his family has lived since the early 1900s. Part of his plan was a record label named after a monkey, and he even went so far as to commission some original artwork for it. However, the music career didn’t pan out, so he returned home.

Little did he know that a batch of peppers would eventually set him swinging on an entirely new career …

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Photo courtesy David Middlecamp, The Tribune

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