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Monkey Business in BBQ Country

Santa Maria Valley BBQ

Monkey Spit Hot Sauce was recently featured on the Official Santa Maria Valley BBQ Blog, which is dedicated to celebrating the one-of-a-kind culinary experience of Santa Maria Style Barbecue on California’s Central Coast.

Here’s what they had to say about Monkey Spit:

New flavors are swinging through barbecue country, and we can’t wait to share the sauce.

Founded on the Central Coast in 2008, Santa Maria’s Monkey Spit Hot Sauce is the result of accidental genius. It all went down when starving musician Paul Smith decided to make soup out of a pile of peppers that his parents had given him. When the soup turned out too spicy, Smith began experimenting, and, voila, five years later Monkey Spit has grown into a burgeoning line including the Original hot sauce; the fresh and sweet Red Jal; the hot and thick Gorilla; and the “stupid hot” Atomic Monk. Monkey Spit takes pride in keeping things simple, natural and likes to “baby” the sauce to maintain the utmost in flavor and taste.

And in a nod to the homeland of Santa Maria Style Barbecue, the company launched its “Monkey Mop” BBQ sauce last December …


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About Monkey Spit

Founded on the Central Coast of California in 2008, Monkey Spit Hot Sauce makes the best batch of serrano and habanero hot sauce around.

Original, Gorilla, Atomic Monk, we don’t monkey around when it comes to hot sauce.

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