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Monkey Spit, LLC.  debuted in 2008. Originally, we ourselves used a contract packer or co-packer to produce our sauce. The key to our products has always been fresh peppers, but the big co-packers wouldn’t use fresh produce. Insisting that they could get the same results with a pepper mash or puree. They were wrong! The result was not nearly as good, plus they had huge minimum orders. We eventually found a small co-packer in Nevada, but that meant we were paying to ship peppers from the Central Coast to Nevada, then paying to ship the bottled product back to the Central Coast. In 2012, we decided it was time to do it ourselves.   We have now the cannery/co-packing side to Monkey Spit, LLC., Smith House Manufacturing.   When you sell packaged food to the public in California there are tons of regulations, but we know what we’re doing.  We will make sure your product(s) is shelf stable.

The Process

If you have a family favorite recipe that you want the world to enjoy as much as you and your family does, give us a call.  We would love to help you put your product on the shelves.  The first thing is a meeting to go over your expectations, our requirements, talk about the time table in order to get your product on the shelves. We have a non-disclosure form to assure you that we will not share your recipe, process or produce it for anyone but you. It’s very important that you give us all of your ingredients and procedures so we can match your product as closely as possible. Once you have your pricing a deposit is required to continue the process. At that time, Smith House Manufacturing will conduct two test cooks of your product for your approval. Once the formula has been approved, Monkey Spit, LLC. will get the required nutritional values, PH Requests, UPC Codes and work with you on the layout of your label. You will need to provide us with your logo and artwork in a high definition vector file. Once your label is designed, Monkey Spit will have it reviewed by Everclean, Inc. to insure there are no errors or omissions which could potentially keep you off the shelves of certain stores.

A Little on Fresh Produce

If you use any fresh fruit or vegetables in your product and plan to sell it to the public, your co-packer must be certified as a commercial cannery. You’re in luck, Monkey Spit, LLC. holds a cannery license. The process becomes more complicated as PH logs have to be kept, sample bottles sent to the state and your product palletized in our facility until it is released by a visit from the state inspector. This will add to your cost, but in our experience customers are willing to pay a little more for high quality product.


Once you approve the test cook and we know that labels are in the pipeline, we get busy manufacturing! A deposit of 50% of the cost for that manufacturing run is due in advance with the balance due when complete. Manufacturing runs may have an overage or underage of 10% of the quantity ordered. Pickup at our facility during normal business hours is free, delivery charges shall apply if you need your product brought to you.

For more information

We look forward to working with you, and helping you make a superior product. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Paul Smith (805) 619-7959

About Monkey Spit

Founded on the Central Coast of California in 2008, Monkey Spit Hot Sauce makes the best batch of serrano and habanero hot sauce around.

Original, Gorilla, Atomic Monk, we don’t monkey around when it comes to hot sauce.

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