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Monkeying Around on Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews

Monkey Spit Hot Sauce was recently reviewed by Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews.

Bill enjoyed our “cool” cast of characters, and called our original hot sauce “well done.”

“It really does have a nice flavor on it,” he said.

Monkey Macaroni Salad

Happy Labor Day to all the hard workers out there. In honor of our hard-working Monkey Spit fans, we’re sharing another one of our favorite recipes … Macaroni Salad. A great BBQ favorite.

TRIBUNE: Monkey Spit seasonings will make spice lovers go ape

Monkey Spit Team

The Monkey Spit team and its world-famous sauces and seasonings were featured in The Tribune recently.

Here’s a look at the article if you missed it:
Originally, Paul Smith had a musical career in mind, but he’s singing a different tune thanks to the success of Monkey Spit sauces and seasonings.
“I was going to be the next great singer/songwriter,” so Smith moved to Los Angeles…

Ma’s German Potato Salad

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. In honor of all the mothers, we’re sharing another one of our favorite recipes … Ma’s German Potato Salad.

Monkey Spit Hot Sauce Commercial

Watch our latest commercial for an update on some of our latest products, a look at our new kitchen in San Luis Obispo, and for a couple great Monkey Spit grilled cheese recipes!

Monkey Dust Dip Recipe

Our latest recipe is the spicy Monkey Dust Dip, which uses sour cream and is great for vegetables.

Grilled Monkey Toast Recipe

Our first Monkey Spit recipe is for Grilled Monkey Toast, a favorite of Monkey Spit fans across the globe!

Monkey Mop BBQ Third at American Royal

Monkey Spit is proud to announce its new Monkey Mop BBQ sauce placed third in the American Royal Association’s World Series of BBQ-Mustard Category.

Here’s a look at the top five results for the category.

Congrats to everyone who was recognized at this great event!

Fat Ferg’s Backyard BBQ Sauce – Zesty Mustard
Slow Smoke Gold Sauce
Monkey Spit – Monkey Mop BBQ Sauce

Monkey Business in BBQ Country

Santa Maria Valley BBQ

Monkey Spit Hot Sauce was recently featured on the Official Santa Maria Valley BBQ Blog, which is dedicated to celebrating the one-of-a-kind culinary experience of Santa Maria Style Barbecue on California’s Central Coast.

Here’s what they had to say about Monkey Spit:

New flavors are swinging through barbecue country, and we can’t wait to share the sauce.

Founded on the Centra…

Monkey Spit Featured in Orcutt Pioneer

As many of you know, Monkey Spit Hot Sauce has a soft spot in its heart for Old Orcutt, Calif., so we were thrilled when the July 21st edition of the Orcutt Pioneer came out with a nice piece on the sauces we’re so passionate about creating everyday …
What do music, primates, and soup have in common?  They all played a part in the creation of the local line of hot and barbecue sauces known as…

About Monkey Spit

Founded on the Central Coast of California in 2008, Monkey Spit Hot Sauce makes the best batch of serrano and habanero hot sauce around.

Original, Gorilla, Atomic Monk, we don’t monkey around when it comes to hot sauce.

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